our mission

Our mission is to create a platform that gives you the opportunity to support wildlife conservation through the enjoyment of purchasing donated artworks and fine art prints. The concept takes a non-profit approach: 100% of the proceeds (after printing and handling, see our Terms & Conditions for more details) will go to wildlife charity.


Our vision is to further unite other artists who wish to sell their artworks for charity on a common platform. Supported conservation projects are assessed through the careful selection of their operational effectiveness and credibility. 

This ensures that all donations have a measurable impact on the conservation of wildlife species.

about me

I am a Belgium based wildlife artist currently living near Antwerp. Drawing has been my passion since I could first hold a pencil. As time past, I gradually developed my skills and focus areas in this creative space. 

At some point I became fascinated by animals and started drawing them. Drawing my favorite subjects brought me closer to nature and made me understand it better.

Throughout the years I became well aware of the global issues that our planet is facing today. This encourages me to want to play my part to preserve the natural world. I decided I wanted to have a creative, supportive impact on wildlife when I was not in the field, and that's how the idea of creating a non-profit organisation was born.


My hopes are that my work will eventually have meaning in many different ways. If it creates awareness, saves an animal or touches a person, I will be very grateful.


what will you get?

When you purchase an artwork from us, you get a premium experience doing this whether it is an original or a fine art print. Purchasing a fine art print means you become part of our journey to support wildlife. It's our most important supporting system on the platform as the heart of this project was made around a fine art print concept. This ensures our global reach is maximised and projects can be supported multiple times. 

In-house fine art prints come as high-quality Giclée prints on sustainable Hahnemühle Bamboo / Hemp paper with a matt finish, and our A2 sizes are limited to 100 prints per artwork, meaning that they will never be printed again once our inventory runs out. Every limited art print will come with a unique number and is hand-signed by the artist. An embossed thank you note will also be included.

Purchasing an original artwork is something truly special. It means that you value someone's craftsmanship in ways that transcend the meaning and size limitations of a fine art print. It means you want to understand the story behind the work and the subject more and that you're ready to make the ultimate investment in supporting wildlife.

When you purchase an original artwork, it will come with a personalised thank you letter, an embossed certificate of authenticity and medium-specific handling instructions.



This platform is built around supporting charities through art, but we can multiply our impact by working together and extending our reach to save wildlife. Apart from our precious donators who form the baseline of Art 4 Conservation, we invite other artists and businesses to build partnerships that further increase our impact.

So if you're an artist or a business that would love to donate artworks for charity, increase your online presence or simply want to promote our project, please reach out to us and we will discuss a potential partnership with you!

Photo by Creature Art Teacher - painting workshop Florida with Disney veterans Aaron Blaise & Ronnie Williford


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