Chantal Deschepper

Digital artist of bees, wasps and flowers


Chantal started her career as a toy designer after a graphic education in Antwerp (Belgium). During her years at an international exhibition company, she started working digitally and evolved as a designer, eventually becoming head of the digital printing department. 


During her career she had only limited free time, which she mainly filled with watercolor painting of all kinds of insects. This resulted in her first exhibition.

After her professional career she found the time to study and draw solitary bees and insects, a field that fascinated her more and more. Her digital artwork has been published in several academic studies and by Natuurpunt, a non-profit that ensures the protection of Nature in Flanders, and for which she currently acts as a spokesperson for media and press regarding wasp plagues or the conservation of wild bee populations. The revenues from her artwork go to Aculea, the solitary wild bee study and working group of Natuurpunt. She is also one of the co-founders of this working group.

Chantal is very happy to engage in a partnership with Art 4 Conservation to raise awareness and to show the beauty, the importance and the diversity of our wild bees!

Bee conservation

Natuurpunt - Aculea is exclusively focused around the conservation of native bee and wasp populations in Belgium. Bee populations have been declining dramatically in the last few decades due to habitat degradation, widespread pesticide use and climate change, with severe impacts on the worldwide pollination of seed plants and crop yields in agriculture.