Detlef Tibax

I am a Belgium based wildlife artist currently living near Antwerp. Drawing has been my passion since I could first hold a pencil. As time past, I gradually developed my skills and focus areas in this creative space. 

At some point I became fascinated by animals and started drawing them. Drawing my favorite subjects brought me closer to nature and made me understand it better.

Throughout the years I became well aware of the global issues that our planet is facing today. This encourages me to want to play my part to preserve the natural world. I decided I wanted to have a creative, supportive impact on wildlife when I was not in the field, and that's how the idea of creating a non-profit organisation was born.


My hopes are that my work will eventually have meaning in many different ways. If it creates awareness, saves an animal or touches a person, I will be very grateful.

Elias Tibax

I am a Bachelor student in Biology at the University of Antwerp, and a passionate birder for many years. Growing up in the last Two decades was very eye-opening for me in terms of the many social and environmental challenges we are facing in today's world.


I became an active part of grassroots movements like the climate marches to get our voices heard. When not studying, I am outdoors looking for birds or traveling sustainably across Europe. And while I do sometimes sketch wildlife, My main obsession is (Macro) photography. Yes, I'm all into moths and butterflies!