The White Shark Bushveld Cocktail

Hi everyone. In this blog post I'll be talking about my journey in South Africa which took place in August 2018. The country had a life-changing effect on me when I first visited it in the summer of 2016. As a marine biologist, I had always dreamed of going there to work on white sharks. The journey left me with some genuine friendships, a huge amount of wildlife experiences, a scientific network and my like-minded partner Alexandra.

The urge to get back to South Africa to expand my experiences was too strong to ignore. Last year I went back for 4 weeks, traveling and doing conservation work in both the Western Cape and the Limpopo / Mpuma-Langa regions.

This is what my itinerary looked like:

The trip was incredible. I contacted several organisations and met many people working in the ecotourism business and the academic world. The contacts I had from 2016 proved very useful in getting about in the Western Cape region. I also enjoyed the overwhelming hospitality of some people in particular (a massive thank you to Els Vermeulen, Kevin Ovenstone, Jerome Josephs and Ashleigh Olsen!). I also want to thank all the organisations (White Shark Projects, SASC, Sea Search, Siyafunda) I worked with for all the opportunities and unforgettable hands-on experiences they provided me with.

Week 1

On July 15th, I arrived in Cape Town. Somehow, it felt like coming home. In this city, I have very good memories of my first weeks of


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