Bluethroats are well known amongst birders as the very vocal exotic coloured cousins of the Nightingale who can be heard and seen in spring and summer. The northern subspecies are recognized by the orange star on their blue breast, while West - and South European populations have a white spot.


The proceeds of this little artwork will go to Natuurpunt, a Belgian non-profit organisation that works together with Birdlife International to protect and reinstate nature reserves for tons of bird species across the northern and central parts of the country. This is particularly important because the province of Flanders and Brussels has been almost entirely stripped of nature. Natural landscapes have been turned into cities and agricultural lands and this trend is increasing every year still. Birds and other wildlife have an increasingly difficult time to survive in this fragmented patchwork of concrete jungle. Natuurpunt is trying to purchase land to restore some of the province to its former natural glory.







Bluethroat portrait

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