As Adam Nicolson described them in his book 'The Seabird's Cry', Fulmars have an overwhelming sense of mastery to them, they are small torpedo-like birds settling nests on rocky coasts and floating on the sustaining winds of the ocean. The centre of their entire life is oceanic, beyond any horizon we might know.


Researchers discovered that they sometimes travel thousands of kilometers into sea to reach nutrient-rich places where they catch squid and don't return to their nests for weeks. This is why it is important that the habitats where they nest are protected. 


The proceeds of this artwork will go to the Wildlife Trust of South & West Wales, a UK  Wildlife Trust conservation branch that rebuilds and protects inland and coastal ecosystems and aims to engage local communities and people from around the world. Their appeals focus heavily on preserving the islands that many seabirds call their nesting homes.


Brave wanderer

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