There are now less than 7000 cheetahs left in the wild, sparcely spread across Africa and Iran. These slender big cats are facing so many different threats, it's almost surprising they haven't gone extinct yet. The fastest land animals on earth are often hunted by larger carnivores, killed in livestock farming conflicts but also from war or civil unrest. It is again up to our generation to decide whether or not we want to preserve this beautiful species and fight for their survival.


The proceeds of this artwork will go to Cheetah Conservation Botswana. Today it is hard to find organisations that don't engage in some form of breeding or petting cheetahs as a side activity for economical benefits. By contrast, this project focuses on research through intensive monitoring, has a very good Livestock Guarding Dog program as part of their community engagement goals and leads environmental education programs in Botswana, where almost a third of the global Cheetah population lives.

The encounter (original sold)

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