The European Eagle Owl, one of the largest and most spectacular owls in Europe.

Seldomly seen in the wild, they remain a bit of a mystery to many people. Their overall population trend is decreasing as primary forests are increasingly logged in Europe.


This painting was inspired by a very lucky encounter I had in the forests of the Ardennes, Belgium. Me and my family were walking on a trail when we took a small break from the hike. In one of the trees next to us, an Eagle Owl apparently sat perched on a branch and decided to fly off right in front of us. It was a extraordinary encounter, seeing such a big owl fly in daylight. All the energy I felt during this experience is mixed into the painting.


The proceeds of this artwork will go to Birdlife Europe, an international NGO working tirelessly to save thousands of bird species focused on the EMEA region, with many success stories and a heavy focus on ecosystem & bird species protection.




The Wise Legend

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