One of the biggest and iconic eagles in the world, the Harpy Eagle has claws the size of baseball bats to pull Howler Monkeys out of the canopy of the Brazilian rainforest. This bird is systematically disappearing as more and more land is culled for farming and timber activities. Brazil is losing vast amounts of rainforest - thousands of square kilometers annually - because of the government's agressive policies to support mining and ranching across the country. And the trend is accelerating. 


Because land stewardship is really the most important conservation threat in the Amazon, the proceeds of this artwork will go to the Instituto Uiraçu, an organization who founded the Reserva Serra Bonita, a natural reserve protected by very committed and award-winning people who managed to bring back the Harpy Eagle in the region with several succesful nests. It's well worth checking out their website and reading their conservation history. This link leads you to the founding story of the park


The foraging Harpy

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