Vultures are a strange looking bird family, and speak to the imagination. I was lucky enough to have a close encounter with one in 2009 in the Spanish Pyrenees. We were standing on an old stone platform at high altitude when a Griffon Vulture was flying towards us at eye height. He landed on the stone platform, mere inches from us. I looked her in the eyes for a while and then she gently spread her wings and left, as if she came to say hi. It made me understand they have a lot of character and are very smart birds.


Vultures however are mostly an endangered species due to poisoning, powerline collisions or other anthropogenic activities. Some species are on the brink of extinction and action is due immediately.


The proceeds of this artwork of a Lammergeier will go to Vulpro, a South-African based conservation project specifically focused on rescuing & rehabilitating wounded vultures. Africa has seen over 16000 vultures poisoned since the 60s, and effective projects like Vulpro are fighting against this trend. The project has rescued hundreds of vultures in the last decade, with an average release success rate of 41%.




Time to Vulture

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