Lions embody power. They are the guardians of the Motherland, and have something regal to them. Their protection is very urgent, as there are less than 40.000 lions left in the wild and their population trends keeps decreasing. One of the most brutal threats to lions is the canned hunting breeding farm industry, poaching, human livestock conflict and habitat loss.


The proceeds of this artwork will go to the Ruaha Carnivore Project, an amazing non-profit dedicated to protecting large carnivores in Tanzania, like the lion. Their work is located around Ruaha NP, an area I visited myself in 2010 during an academic internship. The park is over 20.000 square kms in size and completely unfenced, as is the case with other parks in Tanzania. This however increases human wildlife conflict immensely as animals can roam into the greater area outside the park's safe borders. Especially because there are many ethnic groups living there, like pastoralists and ranchers who see lions as a threat. The project therefore focuses heavily on mitigating this conflict and turn conservation into a benefit for local communities. Read more about this great project on their website!






A king forever

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