This magnificent full grown male Lion was captured on camera by @armstrong_safaris in Mana Pools NP, in the north of Zimbabwe. Without his generosity to lend his photo for reference, this artwork would not have been possible! To me, lions embody power. They are the guardians of the Motherland, and have something regal to them. Their protection is very urgent, as there are less than 40.000 lions left in the wild and their population trends keeps decreasing. One of the most brutal threats to lions is the canned hunting breeding farm industry, poaching, human-wildlife conflict with livestock ranching and habitat loss.


The proceeds of this artwork will go to the Zambian Carnivore Programme, a big carnivore conservation trust in Zambia that focuses on both landscape conservation, hands-on conservation actions with local partners as well as educating communities to raise awareness for lions.


The Lion

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