A European Lynx playing with a Blue Tit in the snowy landscapes of Poland. These 'ghosts of the forest' are one of the most enigmatic cat species in the world. In the last centuries, European populations have nearly been hunted to extinction, suffered vast habitat loss, prey decline and remain barely understood because sightings are so rare. An increasing number of European countries have them fully protected under (inter)national law, whilst other member states still allow hunting with dogs. 


The proceeds of this artwork will go to EuroNatur, a German non-profit organisation focused heavily on re-establishing cross-border habitats in Europe, and monitoring and protecting wildlife within. One of their projects is focused specifically on the European Lynx.


Other great projects are Life Lynx, Rewildering Europe and 3Lynx, but these organisations get primarily fundings from the European Commission. Their respective websites are listed here:




















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