Mandrills are one of only two large monkey species belonging to the Mandrillus genus. The other species, the Drill, is even more threatened with extinction and is listed endangered on the IUCN red list. They are amazing animals living in the forests of Western Africa, and live in sometimes enormous groups of over 500-800 individuals. This becomes increasingly more difficult to witness as more pristine ecosystems are urbanised each year. 


The proceeds of this artwork will go to The Pandrillus Foundation, an organisation founded in the early ‘90s in Nigeria that has grown into multidisciplinary projects active in several West African countries, saving native primates like the Drill and the Mandrill, Chimps and Gorillas. The two people who founded it dedicated their whole life to this project, and have great success stories in ecosystem protection, ape rehabilitation and release, education and research. Donations are very welcome as the project recently had to deal with incredible hardships like a recent disastrous raid and the COVID lockdown, relying fully on donations to ensure their survival. 

The Thrill

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