Sabel Antelopes are icons of Africa. The gigantic horns, the black-and-white mask and the brushy mane of the males makes them unmistakable. Best places to see them are pristine grasslands with nearby water sources, but these places are unfortunately not properly managed, and their numbers are declining rapidly mainly due to suitable habitat loss and bad conservation decisions. 


The proceeds of this artwork will go to African Parks, a non-profit organisation that is heavily focused on acquiring parks to safeguard and manage them properly to secure thriving wildlife ecosystems and surrounding communities. The 15 parks currently managed span a total land mass over three times the size of Belgium and host large numbers of species including the Sable Antelope (e.g. in Majete & Liwonde NP, Malawi). Sable antelopes require well-managed habitats with limited overgrazing and no overstock of predators. As African Parks continues to increase its management strategies, it is supporting the survival of these magnificent antelopes.









Sabel Savannah

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