Saddle Billed Storks are a wonderful bird species to spot on safaris in Africa, and are always a bit special due to their large size and beautiful colors. I've seen many on my trips to Africa and hàd to add a painting of them to the collection. Their population trend is unfortunately decreasing according to the IUCN Red List. To ensure the survival of these birds, it is critical that pristine African wetlands are protected.


The proceeds of this artwork will go to Conservation Lower Zambezi, a charitable organisation installed to protect the pristine Lower Zambezi NP, a rather inacessible truely unspoilt nature reserve in the south central part of Zambia. The park houses one of the densest hippo populations in the world. The project has intensive anti-poaching patrol programs, strong community involvement and robust research activities, and aims to contribute to improved ecological connectivity within the Luano valley-Lower Zambezi and Mana pools ecosystems.

In the saddle

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