Southern Right Whales, as so many marine marine mammals, have a very sad history of being hunted to near extinction in the last centuries for their blubber and meat. While some whale and dolphin species have seen spectacular comebacks in their population numbers thanks to groundbreaking governmental decision making, in other cases the story is much darker. 


The proceeds of this artwork will go to the VaquitaPCR project, a non profit organisation fully involved in the very ambitious plan to save the last wild Vaquitas, a critically endangered porpoise species living in the Gulf of California, Mexico. The project aims to catch all vaquitas left (20!) and transfer them into a safe ocean sanctuary until their habitat is safe from the main threat these animals are facing: illegal gillnetting for the Totoaba, a fish being caught for its swim bladder which is highly sought after on the Chinese market. The Totoaba industry is being controlled by mexican crime cartels and corrupt ties with governments are never far. This makes this project very challenging. A documentary 'Sea of Shadows' was launched in 2019 to raise awareness for this problematic conservation story.





A friendly encounter

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