A painting I've been wanting to create for a long time, to commemorate my incredible conservation experience in 2016 and 2018, where I was lucky enough to work with these powerful animals.

White sharks are iconic, but there are close to 500 other shark species living in our oceans, and each of them is in dramatic decline due to global overfishing. Each year, over 100 million sharks are killed, and these are just the recorded numbers. The main causes are bycatch and the massive shark finning industry that puts impossible pressures on these fish, everywhere in the world. Advocating for a global ban in shark finning and for sustainable fishing is key in securing these magnificent animals.


The proceeds of this artwork will go to The Shark Trust, a UK-based conservation charity specifically working on shark protection and policy advocacy. They have many successful projects relating to e.g. basking shark, angel shark, mako shark, many ray species and transforming fisheries. The funds they raise are largely invested in their charitable activities.

Surface Breach

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