The Osprey has had a rough time in Europe in the 19th and early 20th century. Their decline was mainly caused by hunters and egg poachers. Legal actions to protect this beautiful eagle proved a crucial asset in their recovery from the 1950s onwards. Today, other threats like environmental pollution and habitat destruction are putting pressure on these birds once again. 


The proceeds of this artwork will go to the Rutland Wildlife Trust (IRWT), a UK-based non-profit organisation looking specifically at restoring habtitas for keystone species like the Osprey. They have a dedicated Osprey project running together with RSPB ( where volunteers and experts guard nesting sites and run surveys. IRWT succesfully contributed to bringing ecotourism to Lyndon Nature Reserve, which is generating income to further safeguard local habitats and these Ospreys.

The flight of the Osprey

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