When we were guiding a group of lovely people into the Polish nature looking for wildlife last year, we were moving along a little stream up the hill covered with old stones and vibrant green moss. I noticed a Grey Wagtail was following the stream. For a long time, I would watch him frantically wag his tail while catching insects. Amazing bird, that always makes me happy. This painting is based off a field sketch that I did of this very bird in Poland. 


The proceeds of this artwork will go to Sovon Bird Research NL, a Dutch non-profit focused around collecting qualitative data on birds, analysing the collected data and publishing the results which form a crucial base for environmental policy decision making in the country. These data are e.g. used by VBN NL, a Sovon partner working with Birdlife International, and translate the analyses into effective conservation strategies to protect native bird species.

The Polish visitor

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