Rhinos were heavily poached for their horns in the 70s, which triggered CITES to adopt a law to ban international trade of rhino horns. In the decades after, worldwide populations increased again because of the international protection, but since 2007, dramatic increases in the black market demand in Taiwan & China are once again driving this species to extinction, with 1000s having been killed already (there are about 25000 rhinos left worldwide). To make things worse, while there is still an international ban on trading rhino horns, China has since 2018 legalized the use of these horns in traditional medicine. It is a very complex, corruption related issue that wildlife conservationists and law enforcers are trying to end on a daily basis. 


The proceeds of this artwork will go to the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, a renowned UK-based non-profit organisation closely working with ground-based rhino anti-poaching & protection units and monitoring programs in Southern Africa and India. DSWF's CEO Georgina Lamb & their ambassadors are exceptionally passionate and driven and effective in getting the raised funds to the places that matter.



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