Who we are

Art 4 Conservation is a Belgian non-profit organisation that is devoted to raising vital funds for wildlife conservation through art sales, charity events and online campaigns.

We are continuously in search of inspiring conservation stories around the world and seek to capture and communicate them through art, ultimately empowering people to take action.

  • Our goal

    To protect & preserve wildlife and natural habitats, empower local communities, and inspire people to take action through artistic storytelling. We want to give people a chance to make an impact and reward them for it.

  • Our approach

    Building on the belief that art is a key fundraising principle in conservation, we support our partners in their mission by offering a selection of original artworks and fine art prints both online, through campaigns, fundraising events and exhibitions.

  • Our vision

    Our vision is to create a thriving fundraising platform where artists, supporters and conservation partners can make a collective impact on the natural world and ensure it is preserved for generations to come.

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"Whoever saves one life saves the world entire"

The Talmud

"Ultimately, these activities shape our fundraising strategies and ensure we focus on the most pressing conservation issues."

Detlef Tibax