Our values

Art connects

© DSWF photography - Wildlife Ball 2022

Creative storytelling is what connects our supporters to the natural world and the conservation challenges ahead. Through offering a series of stunning fine art prints & original artworks we encourage people to donate and get something in return for the trust they place in our mission.


Partners with impact

© Casey Pratt - Wildlife Act Project

Our conservation partners are doing the hard work. They raise funds, preserve wildlife, protect the habitats they live in and engage local communities to ensure sustainable conservation management. We seek out effective organisations run by passionate people to ensure your donation has a measurable impact.


The creative's collective

© Dustin Blaise - Painting retreat Florida 2020

A lot of the success of ensuring funding and raising awareness depends on our ability to reach and touch people. By uniting like-minded artists we can launch more powerful campaigns and offer varying styles of art to move and inspire a growing number of people.