You've purchased an artwork with us. What happens next?

Thanks so much for your donation! The next steps are up to us. Here's a quick insight in our donation process.

  • 1 - We receive your donation

    We get a notification as soon as you place an order. Depending on whether you purchased an original or a print, different shipping and handling costs will be deducted from your donation. We make sure we fulfill your order first so you can enjoy it as soon as possible.

  • 2 - Project identification

    After fulfilling your order, we will place the net proceeds in the donation bucket of the conservation project your artwork is linked to. You can see which conservation organisation your order supports on our dedicated Product Page.

  • 3 - We donate

    We usually wait for donation buckets to fill up. After each quarter, we process all the donations to our conservation partners at once, and will publish a statement about it on our social media and newsletters.

We donate to where it's most needed

Based on evaluations, we sometimes find that donations can make a bigger difference in some places compared to others. For example, one of our conservation partners could launch an urgent appeal to raise funds following an event that threatens a specific ecosystem or wildlife species. In those cases, we might decide to allocate donations to these appeals to maximise our collective impact.

When this happens, we will always communicate about it so everyone is aware of which projects we are supporting and why.