Our conservation partners

The organisations we support are carefully selected, taking into account vision, financial health, accountability, results, efficiency and partnerships. We provide a quick summary of our conservation partners when clicking the artworks in our online store.

Continuously in search of new partners to support, visiting projects to witness the conservation work that is done in the field has greatly helped us shape our fundraising strategies. Below are some of our most valued partners.

Project visits & engagement

Every year we visit some of our conservation partners, engage with local communities and learn about their work and challenges in the field. This helps us understand why conservation management and proper funding is critical. We also engage in fundraising events to support these partners and raise awareness with the public.

  • Toucan Rescue Ranch visit in Costa Rica (2022) and supporting their Tunes for Toucans auction

  • Visiting DSWF's partner organisation Game Rangers International in Zambia (2023)

  • Zakouma National Park (Chad) to see African Parks' conservation work (2021)