What we do

Our charity embraces diverse avenues to fulfill its mission. We conduct art exhibitions, online campaigns, field trips and project visits to drive our mission forward.

Art Exhibitions

Through captivating art exhibitions, we showcase compelling narratives to raise awareness and garner support for our cause.

Photos by Alicia Hayden

Immerse yourself in a world of nature, contemporary wildlife art and compelling conservation stories through ‘Realms of Hope’, an extraordinary art exhibition at the heart of London’s South Bank. Curated by charitable organisations ‘Art 4 Conservation’ and the ‘David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation’, this captivating showcase features a collection of stunning wildlife artwork from renowned and award-winning artists Casey Banwell, Cole Stirling, Davina Bosanquet, Detlef Tibax, Stephen Rew and Zoe Fitchet.

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Online campaigns

Online campaigns harness the power of digital outreach, engaging a global community in our initiatives and rallying support for meaningful change.

Our online campaigns will typically run for a limited time only, on different times throughout the year. They feature unique art pieces only available during the time window, supporting a specific project.

Field trips and project visits

Our field trips and project visits directly immerse us and our audience in communities and conservation, fostering connections, understanding local needs, and implementing sustainable solutions at the grassroots level.

During these visits, we create field sketches, serving as powerful tools in connecting people to conservation and nature. They capture more than just an image—they encapsulate an experience, fostering a deeper understanding and emotional connection. These sketches not only document biodiversity but also evoke empathy and inspire action, forging a personal bond between individuals and the conservation efforts vital to preserving our planet's rich ecosystems.